The last trimester for children in Spain arrives

The last trimester for children in Spain arrives

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There is only one term left to finish the school year. If just before Easter, all the children came home with the marks of the second evaluation, now after the holidays, you have to get mental and make the last effort of the year to pass the course with good marks.

Feeding the motivation of children to make an effort and dedicate hours to study just when the good weather arrives, the days are longer and they want to play in the street is a mission of everyone, of parents, students and teachers. And the thing is that those who have reached the third quarter with good grades should continue to maintain that level and those who are on the tightrope should try a little more to get the flight back on the course and have a good summer.

To achieve this objective, it is essential that children are concentrated during their study time, since without attention and concentration it is impossible to fix learning. And this mission is not a difficult task, even if it seems like it, if we draw up a plan to follow that requires, first of all, the collaboration of the child. The plan involves creating routines and study habits, organizing tasks and setting goals and objectives as a medium-term line of work. On a day-to-day basis, we must help our children to study by teaching them some skills and abilities, avoiding distractions, diversifying tasks so that they do not get tired or the activity is too monotonous, synthesizing and summarizing to focus attention, marking times because it is not It is necessary to spend half an hour with a subject, if the child can finish in twenty minutes and interspersing breaks.It is time to educate the children to finish the course with everything approved for a good summer full of sunny days and rest for both parents as for children. Vacation days are necessary for everyone after a winter of work and there should be a time for everything. To hold children responsible for their studies is to help them consolidate the pillars of their education.Marisol New.

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