Why have you decided to be a mother?

Why have you decided to be a mother?

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It is interesting to answer to ourselves why we make certain decisions in our life, why at a crossroads, we choose one and not the other. The road to motherhood is often a rocky road, and yet we do not hesitate to choose it, discarding apparently more comfortable or broad paths. Almost all of us are reluctant to change and, however, we do not hesitate to choose motherhood or fatherhood, which is one of the most radical changes for a couple.

Perhaps some women do not even consider it, they simply accept and embrace the life that has been given to them, motherhood supposes for them a natural dictation to which we women are called; others more thoughtful, prudently weigh their abilities or the pros and cons of bringing a child into the world. And, although there are women who are not called to motherhood or family, the vast majority of us aspire to be mothers, at least one day (it will depend on the particular circumstances).

I have a friend who is studying gynecology, who told me that from the purely anatomical aspect a woman reaches her full development with motherhood, a woman's breast, specifically, achieves its full potential with motherhood, curious, right? But leaving out physical aspects, motherhood is a total fulfillment for many women, their son becomes one of the most important people to be able to donate, a person in which to project their dreams and ambitions, in which to pour many of their cares. Your child is the most personal and sweet fruit of your existence, it is that he drives you to live and fight, he is the masterpiece of your life.

Not long ago I saw a program on TV about a large family and, in the interview they did with the parents, I heard a phrase that I loved. The journalist asked the father why he had so many children with the sacrifice that this implies, and he answered briefly: "Life consists of giving one's life." We mothers live giving life to our children, caring for them, guiding them, loving them ...

Having a child makes us better people insofar as it forces us to be generous, to give ourselves constantly, to improve ourselves relentlessly, to open ourselves to others ... But along the way, there is not only sacrifice and forced donation, right that also do we collect many pearls from our children? Giving life makes us part of creation, it is a great enthusiasm and a great reward. Mothers have the reward of satisfaction and happiness that gives us the honor of being someone's mother. And why did you want to be a mother?

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