Our Lady of Araceli Day, May 2. Names for girls

Our Lady of Araceli Day, May 2. Names for girls

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Araceli is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means "altar of heaven". It is one of those rare names but of exceptional beauty and musicality, so it can be perfect for your little girl.

Araceli is capable of highlighting the delicacy of any girl while giving her a strong character, because exclusivity and dignity accompany this name at all times. He celebrates his name day on May 2, which is the day of Our Lady of Araceli.

Because of the meaning of her name, Araceli has a charismatic personality that has a great influence on others. Surrounded by an enigmatic aura, Araceli stands out for her delicacy and kindness, but she also has a strong character that makes her very capable of solving the most difficult situations. Because Araceli is sweet and loving, but also brave and fearless, characteristics that easily make her a true leader.

The name Araceli is not known outside the Spanish-speaking world, if at all it may be somewhat familiar in Italy. This gives your daughter's name an exclusive character that makes it very attractive. In addition, it is one of those traditional names that are not worn out by use, nor is it outdated.

We know several personalities who bear the name of your daughter, such as the actresses Araceli de León, Araceli González and Aracely Arámbula, but perhaps the best known is the mountaineer Araceli Segarra, an internationally recognized pioneer in female climbing.

But what strikes us the most about your daughter's name is the strength of its meaning. And it is that the original sanctuary of this virgin was at the top of the Capitol, which was reached through a long staircase, which the ancient Romans called "stairway to heaven."

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